Get real-time captions for your online classes with Note Taking Express

Captions provide an online real-time transcript, necessary for deaf or hard of hearing students to attend a class and are useful for everyone.

Make making your classes accessible a breeze by scheduling a captioner to provide real-time transcripts for any broadcasted live classes, events, or meetings.


Have your videos captioned post-production and share subtitled content with your staff and students.

How it Works

Contact your account manager to schedule your online classes with Captions.

You will need a schedule of classes, including the subject, running dates, days and times.

Your account manager will confirm when the service will begin, once everything is in place.

Our Captions service cost £70 per class per hour.

Terms and Conditions

48 hours notice is required for booking of a captioner or live note taker.

You must have an active note taking express account to use these services.

All scheduled classes will be invoiced for bookable time unless cancelled 24 hours in advance.